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I know this kid you don't know. "Animals in the wild are not robots," she says. How does he go to school? This problem is beyond me.

Where is the next shop? You can't keep doing this to yourself. It doesn't matter who says that, it's not true. Monica is a person of interest in Benjamin's disappearance. I don't love her, not even if she loves me. Stop talking and start working! He did not answer the phone, so I sent him an email.

He was shirtless. Herve and Myrick are planning on going to a movie together on Friday evening.

This should be attempted. Your generosity is appreciated. I enjoy the weather. Does she plan on coming back home on Monday?

Why are there so many motorcycles in this city? Well, it's because they're cheaper than cars and there are more poor people than rich ones. Kids went to the river on Sundays. Harv said he didn't do it. I think you're going to do great. I'm not worried about the price. Please don't let go of my hand. The horse never refuses to gallop to its stall.

Clara has dated both Stephan and Alice. Malaclypse will follow you. Val remained single all her life in Japan. Reiner has no shortage of friends. Why did you buy only one banana?

Could you tackle this? I met him in Boston. He affirmed the truth of her statement. I'm going to play tennis this evening.

The leopard was starting to get tired of his spots. It was careless of you to forget your homework. You are sharp. I just want to support you. Pierre proposed to me. He asked me to marry him. Wolf tested positive for EPO. He wrote down the name so he wouldn't forget it. The odds are even that our team will win the game. Things couldn't be going better. We haven't laid off any employees yet.

Tomorrow is Sunday. The boy makes a fool of adults. She chatted with her friends about the baseball game. You're responsible, aren't you? I've reserved a double. Jared failed to impress the young lady. Why aren't you helping us? I swept the kitchen floor. Careful! Watch out! Have you seen this before?

Could you please give me some more examples of that? Why can't I see you? I dropped the pitcher and it broke. Are you still mad at them? I didn't like him much; in fact I hated him. Is Mr Fujiwara at home now? Are they really friends? Vistlik had to stay home. It's doubtful whether we can really sell our old car.

Please tell us what it is. Paolo told me we'd go hunting the following day. The last hope fled from his mind. Vic looks utterly confused. The manual is in Spanish only. I don't go there so often anymore.

Just wait in the car. Cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir are dairy products. This is the last time I'll apply this ointment on my skin. It takes 250 million years for our Sun to pull us through one revolution around the center of the Milky Way. "You were wrong." "Yes, but I was almost right."

I didn't know that we were related.

I have a little present for you. He's ruthless. I don't need it anymore. Tammy isn't an idiot. How could you do this to us? Claudia doesn't seem to know what he wants. Hsuan knows better than to fight with you. Why will I not write in Chinese? He sent a letter addressed to his uncle. Summer has ended.